مبارزه-از اشعار خودم


I used to think that wounds will be healed

But now I know nothing changes without my will

Feels like I'm not free,deceived by something hollow

I realized the right way,but don't know why I still follow

After years and years,I'm still fighting

Don’t know about the end,

Who'll finish this game,the better angle or the worse angle

As the Bard says: 'the better angle is a right man fair

The worse angle is a woman colored ill'

While I'm here between

I've done much more than you know

Seems I've killed my better angle

Seems he's leaved my soul

All of this because of my fouls

I'm just watching the time go by

And my life being wasted for nothing

Without you HGH,I feel so small

Come back to me, wanna be free, not a doll

Sometimes I remember my past

The darkness which I wish I didn't have

But I know I'm repeating that fouls

I'm still fighting…


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