فکر اشتباه-از اشعار خودم

The wrong thought…

It all started with a wrong though, an absolute one

I'm not gonna tell you my story, but keep it in mind son

Don’t deviate from your road to help someone

Till you sure you can get back to your own way

Keep it in mind, I designed this rhyme

To explain in due time

I don’t know whether I can get back to my own road

Every stop that I make

Is another mistake

And every second I waste,

Is more than I can take

I know I should stop it,

But a confession:

The worse angle is strong enough to get over

And I'm not strong enough to break the cover

Asking the better angle to come back to me

But seems he can't perceive my agony

A heart rending fight is still going on…


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Hey , nice, actually very nice


im looking for the matter you had about the Isreal s flag . the one you have sent to me before but i cant find it. Help me!!